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Horror Flick Poster Applique

Yes, these are laser cut, pre-fused applique pieces made into horror flick quilted movie posters using Moda Grunge & Kona.

The last few weeks have been non-stop mayhem. We just finished up our fall Corn Maze Shop Hop, and I've had an exciting string of guild lectures one after another. It's basically been a month full of my favorite things all at one time! That being said, I think I've discovered a quick and easy - yet satisfying - sub-hobby that gives me just enough of a mental break. It all started because of a planned trip this coming week to go home to St. Louis for a dear friend's birthday. Every year for the last few years, we've made plans to either go there or for them to come here, and life happens, and the trip doesn't. This is "hell or high-water" year. Her birthday falls right at Halloween, and thus her favorite movies are original 80s horror movies. And we're going to the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Saturday night, complete with costumes. That's how these happened:

I started thinking of obscure references to cult classic movies, and started designing them in Illustrator. The one for Halloween is not as obscure, mainly because an hand with a knife, well, that could've been anything. But you'll see, as they progress, obscurity returns. I used mostly Moda Grunge, which is AMAZING for this concept! The straight solids are Moda Kona. The main reason I went with Grunge is because I have quite the stash of Grunge readily available. Back before I was in the shop and actually making quilts, but I bought a TON of Grunge when it was on sale with

Having a handy-dandy laser means I spend fleeting moments of "free time" (ha ha) designing the concept in Illustrator, then begging Paul to cut them for me one his "free time". The good news is, he's excited to see the final product, so he doesn't gripe too much. So that means I can usually knock out 2-4 concepts in a about 2 hours if we're not working on something else simultaneously. Obviously this doesn't include stitching them down.

Here are the newest items:

Isn't this crazy?! Think of the possibilities! I am mostly keeping them in mind as quilted movie posters, so they'll measure 12" x 14" finished. But the blocks could be anything - pillows, quilt blocks, etc. I would love to make a quilt of all my favorite movies, that's for sure. I'm pretty sure that I'll plan some giveaways and contests, and also take suggestions. I fully intend to keep going - all the cult movies I can stand, plus also musicals/plays, notorious books, maybe even cliche band posters? Oh, yeah.

I'm open for suggestions, whatcha' got?!

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