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Our New Home!

As most of you know, we had to move... again. Trust me, the decision to move was a really hard one. Our plan was to have our main location in Kennesaw, and second location in Cumming, inside of Vector Quilts. But sometimes the universe knows better, and puts you right where you need to be.

We ended up leaving our space in Kennesaw because maintaining two locations would've been almost impossible, especially since David decided to dive into being a dealer for both Brother and Janome, and that meant supporting him as an authorized shop for both brands. That was the real game changer for both of us.

And honestly, retail space in the Kennesaw/Marietta are is NOT cheap, and I was killing myself just to handle paying the overhead in our stand-alone spot and still not making ends meet. It's humbling to work that hard, more than double your business, and still not be able to pay the bills. We loved our spot in Kennesaw, and it was the first time I'd gone out on my own (having come from the comfort and safety of Red Hen). But as much as we loved it, there was energy missing that we just couldn't put our finger on. It wasn't until being in the new shop for a few days that I figured it out. We had familiar faces coming in frequently to drop off and pick up machines... but other than classes, that's all we were. We didn't get to see quilts and show and tell. We didn't get to celebrate finished projects and new techniques. We didn't have the bustle of instructors and students and shoppers and fabric discussions going on around us. Basically, we were an island. It was lonely.

Our partnership with David of Vector Quilts couldn't be better, and we couldn't feel more at home. We are finally getting to the end of the transition of the move (Paul says we can never move again!), and things are smoothing out. We have found that magical flow and community that we missed so much.

Not to mention that both Sewing Doc & Vector Quilts help each other and share resources, so now we both have shop support we didn't have before, meaning my turnaround times on machines has been reduced even more!

We are definitely a work in progress, because David is certainly intending to fill every inch of space with something great. So far this is what Vector Quilts offers:

* Brother & Janome Sewing machines * The FULL line of HandiQuilter machines, both longarm and stationary (the new Capri comes this week, stay tuned!)

* Longarm quilting services (edge-to-edge), classes, and rentals for both manual quilting AND computerized quilting on the ProStitcher

* Kangaroo & Arrow furniture, both cabinets and chairs

* Sew Much Cosplay foam, vinyl, and other materials

* The full line of Sulky stabilizers and materials

* OESD stabilizers and embroidery designs (there will be 3 certified OESD specialists in-house to help you!)

* Glide thread (the entire line) and Isacord (full line coming soon!)

* HandiQuilter supplies, templates, and products

* Jamie Wallen (Quilters Apothecary) rulers and books

* Famore scissors and specialty tools

* General notions

* Classes and social clubs galore! Mostly quilting-related, but we are branching out to other areas such as Brother Scan-n-Cut, embroidery projects, cross stitch, leather quilting and so much more! Retreats also coming soon!

* A classroom that can accommodate 15-25 people (and if there's no class going on, our space is your space, come us it!)

* Sewing machine service, repair, and restoration, used machines sold on consignment, and the Sewing Doc Academy to teach you how to care for your machine (all the things dealers don't want you to know!)

* Coming in 2020: A maker space! Use of embroidery machines, Scan-n-Cut, laser services and more to complete your special projects! Click here to find out more about Sewing Doc services

I think that's everything? We are implementing so many things, it's hard to keep up! Here's some pictures (we are a work in progress!):

So many things to play with, machines everywhere!
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