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This blog needs... something.

I'll be honest with you. I've been kicking around ideas for this blog for a long time. It's kind of a hidden corner of my world since it's just sort of here. And this website in general... I wear so many hats it's nice to have one place to say to people, "here's the gist of the many things I do."

I've really not found a groove here. I wrote a lot about machine-related stuff here previously, but that really doesn't make sense given Sewing Doc now has it's own blog, and appropriately so. I also used to write a little about prison and related items, but that also has it's own home over on the Pintstripes to Prison Stripes blog. Both are severely neglected, but make no sense being here.

I've decided to make this blog my more personal blog. It is the one missing piece in my life. From the time I was old enough to write until about the time Aaron was born, I always had a journal. I wrote in it pretty regularly and still have fire-safe boxes full of notebooks, diaries, and various writings. Sometime in 1997 or so, life went online with the age of the internet. I had a "blog" back then, though it wasn't even called that. In fact, many of my current Facebook friends were fellow diarists that used the same platform. Those writings were extremely personal in nature, and not a single person in my 'real' life had access. But those friends... they are still family.

Thankfully, I've matured a little in this area. I don't suspect I'll be writing about the things I wrote about 20 years ago, not even 10 years ago.

I already have other blogs that address the main components in my life, but they are from a business, marketing standpoint and have to stay very formal. I don't need formal. I need me. And this web page has my name on it, so what could be more perfect?

The things I'll talk about include, but aren't limited to: quilts, sewing machines, prison/jail, business, current events, my family, our adventures, the quilt shop, homeschooling/unschooling... whatever floats my boat. I want this to be more conversational than it is in other places.

So, let's let our hair down, shall we?

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